Dinner held at the Historic Redlands Community Center in the 1940s Historic Redlands Community Center photo from 1939 Fresh As A Daisy Parade Redlands Garden Club 1967

The beautiful Spanish style Redlands Community Center is a stately building atop a forested hill overlooking Grand Junction.  Built as the Grand Junction Country Club and Golf Course with 160 acres and a nine-hole course, it was the grand design of some 50 professional businessmen living in the Redlands in the 1920’s.  On August 18, 1921 the Redlands Country Club officially opened.  The golf course was set in oiled sand greens.  The soil was too hard to insert a wooden tee, so the golfers would make a moistened sand tee by mixing a little water with the sand.  Water cans sat at each hole.  The Great Depression eventually took its toll on the club and it was sold to the Redlands Women’s Club for the meager sum of $5,000.

The women’s club consisted of 68 members in 1935, a representation of virtually every family living in the Redlands.  The first meeting of the Redlands Women’s Club in this building was February 10, 1937.  It took the women eight years, eight carnivals, 20 quilts, and many fine dinners served to retire the mortgage.

The Redlands Women’s Club became the Redlands Community Center in 1983, where the non-profit foundation continues their mission of community service while preserving and rehabilitating the facility.  As an event center, proceeds from weddings, private parties, business and club meetings, memorials and other social function help support the facility.  In September 1994, the building was placed on the Colorado Historical Society Register.